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What is the Open Space Party?

The Open Space Party wants to give you an informal, creative and sensual space. A time, in which you can celebrate yourself: With music, dance, creative ideas and - of course - enough space to simply enjoy yourself and to find community.

The Open Space Party is an event for men of all sexual orientations, for singles, for couples and for small groups. You don't need bring prior experience, neither in groups, workshops, nor in partner yoga or in dancing. You are welcome, just as you are. You should be able to challenge yourself and your actions. You should be prepared to try new things, beyond mere consumption or the expectations of the others. You should not have to know everything yet, but be in search for yourself.

In our Open Space we want to give you free space to connect with like-minded men and to find new friends, who enrich your life. We want to offer a space, where every man can have his fun in the way he wants to create: By simply enjoying the atmosphere, meeting interesting people or taking part in different workshops and activities. You decide, what you need to feel open and free in your space.

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